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Frequently Asked Questions

We are the ultimate growth service and secret-arsenal strategy used by thousands of Instagrammers each month to grow likes, views, and followers, and with a team of growth experts inspired by client results, users can grow fast and assured knowing we treat client pages as our own, and this is why we fulfill orders using organic-quality accounts that look as real as users that engage your posts by choice.

Using a growth service for the first time can be both exciting and concerning as mixed opinions online can make it hard for the unenlightened to choose the right service and strategy, but here to make the choice easier and less exhausting, we listened and formed this section to answer our most commonly received questions, and if you have questions needing answers before ordering, read and continue on.

  • MIXX is a cut above the rest who can only hope to match the value and quality services we extend to our valued users and future influencers, and as part of the MIXX family, you have access to the best Instagram growth service around at rates that make increasing Instagram likes affordable for all.

    Driven by user results and the success stories we have made possible for clients, we are a client-centric service designed for Instagrammers wanting to grow or build new or existing audiences, and unlike the market majority of services, we only use premier-quality accounts to fulfill likes and followers for users.

  • Is it safe to buy Instagram likes is one of the most common questions of those having no experience with paid-growth services but to the new good news of our clients, whom of which receive safe likes from accounts interested in their content, we send secure likes and followers posing no risk to pages.

    Buying Instagram likes and growing Instagram followers are goals of any serious Instagrammer that is wanting to make the most of the platform, but how do you get more followers on Instagram as a new or aspiring entrepreneur? That is a challenge faced by many users a hurdle our services swiftly resolve.

    Grow on Instagram safely and securely and order assured knowing our likes and followers come from genuine profiles having activity and engaged posts, this not only lets our services stay under Instagram the radar of Instagram algorithms but let clients experience stellar results that often grow over time.

    Finding a safe Instagram likes service and choosing a safe Instagram followers service is essential to positive outcomes and secured results as poor-quality engagements can lead to little results or none at all, grow securely and buy Instagram likes from our team to see growth sooner than later, our likes and followers are sent within hours and are just as safe as they are secure, effective, and affordable to buy.

  • Growing on Instagram can be hard as their billion monthly users have made it hard for the little guys to gain traction and visibility, but enabling clients to catapult their likes and following in no time at all, we give users fast Instagram likes and followers at low prices but at speeds others could only hope to meet.

    Adding to this, our fast Instagram followers, which are sent using quality profiles that look as real as organic users following accounts by choice, usually begin to show on client pages within a few minutes to hours of ordering, unless we are asked by the client to drip-feed them over a certain number of days. Sometimes it can take up to 24 hours.

    Instagram is a fast-moving social platform with billions of monthly-visitor sessions and the sea of users can make it hard to be seen and found, or heard and engaged, but worry not and grow with ease as our likes and followers will not keep you waiting like organic strategies and will begin to show within hours.

    Lightning-fast with likes and followers quick to show, our users can grow fast on Instagram, relieve the inherent headaches of growth, and get same-day results to sky-rocket credibility, audience reach, and earning opportunities within a few seconds and mouse clicks, order now for the results needed to grow.

  • Instagram likes are hard for most to grow and easy Instagram likes are seldom simple to attract but only for those relying on organic strategies and outdated methods that can take many months to bear results but when you buy Instagram likes from our store, you will enjoy likes that stay to keep giving you value.

    Instagram likes we send to client pages are there to stay and provide value over time, unlike competing services whose likes and followers often drop after delivery. Non-drop Instagram likes and followers are engagements that stay even after delivery, so when you buy them, the majority will stick. MIXX provides a 30-day guarantee, which means that we will refill all drops within 30 days for free.

    Running one of the best Instagram growth services on the market today, we are known to our clients as the service of value and results as our low-priced packages are rendered at quality standards not diluted by low pricing which means even fund-limited Instagrammers can grow without sacrificing the quality of likes and followers they purchase, and this only one of reason clients return to us time and time again.

    Enjoy steady results and buy permanent Instagram followers from our store that is now accessed by an expansive user base of Instagrammers each month to grow their likes and followers, and when you rely on our experts to grow an Instagram page, you will get great value and fast results that show in hours.

  • Security is the focus of our team and brand that strives to render safe and effective services for all, and that we have done with quality profiles and secure strategies that let us have a stellar track record of no account being banned or penalized, and no account stolen or closed, and this is due to our processes.

    Ordering Instagram likes is secure with our services as the login credentials to client accounts are not needed and will never be asked for by our team. Buying an Instagram package and receiving the likes or followers is simple and only relies on the URL to client pages, which is all we need to fulfill placed orders.

    Growing on Instagram is the goal of any user striving to make the most of the platform but getting more likes is hard for most which is what leads many to search for ways to buy Instagram likes and followers as the tedious steps involved in natural growth makes buying similar results the more compelling of the two options, but some services are unsafe and require user passwords, which our team never asks for.

    Ditch outdated methods and excel your likes and followers at warp-drive speeds, we only need the URL to your page or posts to send likes and followers and will never need access to supported accounts, get started and order today to get the team of experts on your side for results now instead of in months.

  • Those using our Instagram growth services are not subjected to risk or harm and will not be banned or penalized due to our services as the likes and followers we send are the same quality as organic ones that comply with the guidelines and Terms of Service the platform has set in place for users to abide by.

    Grow your Instagram page with ease and peace of mind knowing your account will not be banned but rather energized and supported by authentic profiles that give posts better chances of reaching Explore, which our services are known to help Instagrammers achieve in timeframes much sooner than thought.

    Safe growth services are hard at times to find as most care more about profits than client results, and as a result, will source poor-quality likes and followers to offset the low prices they offer but in doing so are subjecting user accounts to risks, which is why most prefer us as we bring results instead of risk or harm.

    Are growth services safe continues to be one of the most common searches leading users our way, and if wondering the same, worry less and order enthused knowing your growth is in the hands of experts treating your page as their own, and in the hands of a service never causing an account to be banned.

  • One nicety of our service is the ability to monitor delivery statuses in real-time as our team is quick to process orders to ensure likes and followers are sent at timely speeds, and while we do send courtesy updates via email, our users are able to check the status of their order by visiting their page or posts.

    Likes and followers usually start to show within thirty minutes to an hour of ordering, and sometimes, within just a few minutes of order submission, this means our likes and followers are fast to show and do not take hours or days to appear, and this makes it even easier for clients to check their order status.

    Monitor your inbox or the posts and pages you had likes or followers sent to and you will be able to see the status and progress of your order, and as said above, orders are swiftly overseen and routed to one of our fulfillment specialists so clients can get speedy results and ongoing growth that scales over time.